Fusion of Color Minerals

Fusion of Color Mineral Cosmetics are created from real minerals taken directly from the earth. These minerals are then processed into a fine powder and mixed with natural inorganic colors to produce a wide variety of colors. It does not matter what skin tone you have, from very light porcelain to a dark undertone and every shade in between, there is a mineral cosmetic that can perfectly match your skin.

The main ingredients in mineral cosmetics are inorganic. Simply stated  there is no organic material in it to grow bacteria.  Also, with the use of inorganic ingredients in the make up  gives the make up a  very long and stable shelf life. Fusion of Color Mineral Cosmetics are the best to use because it adheres to the natural oils in a person's skin and doesn't seep into the pores.

The benefits of using natural mineral cosmetics is what makes them so popular today.

Our mineral powder is lightweight, crease resist and long lasting which gives our mineral makeup a natural look and feel.

Since mineral cosmetics have no oil in them it makes a perfect fit for oily skin.

Some of the ingredients in Fusion of Color Mineral Cosmetics help absorb the oil in the skin keeping it looking fresh all day.  

Our mineral cosmetics are so pure they can be used all over the face, and can also be mixed together to get your own unique color. Check out http://www.fusionofcolor.net/  to see all our beautiful colors.

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